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Defining a Creative Strategy from Audience Analysis: Sanremo 2021

Define the tone of voice, content and creativity of an advertising strategy by analyzing the web audience. We did this to define socio-demographic characteristics, interests and personality traits of the audience of two singers competing in Sanremo 2021, in order to have a useful insight to implement a creative strategy.

Sanremo Audience Analysis & Comparison

Talking to a well-defined audience, knowing its age, gender, socio-demographic characteristics, behavioral characteristics, personality traits, job position is very important to seize the right opportunities and engage the public with an engaging message.

These are the basis for building a creative strategy in order to define the right tone of voice for the campaign and direct the budget towards well-profiled segments.

The tool needed to define these useful insights is LookAlike, a tool of the KPI6 suite useful for segmenting and profiling audience clusters starting from monitoring online conversations.

What we did was analyze the audiences of two singers competing in the current edition of Sanremo 2021: Fedez and Ermal Meta.

The result was an overlap of clusters that differ but overlap in some characteristics.

Are you curious to know these two audiences and to be able to understand how to analyze your audience in order to extract useful information for your creative strategy? 

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